Fall Campus Re-Opening Preparation – COVID-19

All items noted are as of September 10, 2020.


  • All campus building entries and perimeter entries (streets/sidewalks) have been outfitted with signage reinforcing that "face masks are required."
  • 350 A-Frame signs with critical COVID-19 information have been set up on the Coral Gables and Marine campuses.
  • 8,000 interior signs have been installed.
  • 450 decals have been added to campus sidewalks and patios.
  • 85 A-Frame posters have been positioned in strategic locations around campus to remind students, faculty, and staff to use the Daily Symptom Checker, message to include QR code.
  • 15 A-Frame "Density Check" posters have been positioned by dining halls and campus store.

Wellness and Face Shields

  • 747 plexiglass wellness shields have been positioned in identified locations.
  • Another 850 plexiglass shields remain available for new requests.
  • 1,320 student wellness shields were installed prior to the start of classes on August 17.
  • In coordination with faculty affairs, faculty will have access to face shields upon request.

Hand Sanitizers and Disinfecting Wipes

  • Over 1,000 hand sanitizers' dispensers have been installed.
  • Over 800 disinfecting wipes dispensers have been installed.
  • 4,500 canisters of disinfecting wipes are in inventory and ready for distribution into office, administrative, and other academic spaces.

Enhanced Cleaning

  • Reallocating existing, and hiring additional staff, to support disinfecting during both day and night shifts.
  • Touchpoints and common areas will be disinfected three times per day.
  • Disinfecting of all classrooms is being performed six nights per week with EPA registered fogging systems.
  • Continue to monitor and maintain inventories to ensure the process remains in place throughout the semester.

PPE Inventory Levels

  • For the Gables and Marine campuses, we are maintaining the following PPE inventory levels:
    • 400,000 face coverings.
    • 200,000 pairs of gloves.

De-Densified Classrooms

  • All classrooms (approximately 200 classrooms, 90 labs, and 70 additional spaces utilized for scheduled instruction) were de-densified, converted, and set up prior to the start of classes on August 17.
  • Over 2,000 pieces of furniture have been moved/relocated since the modifications began.

UV Lighting

  • 300 UV lights installed in 121 A/C units in 39 buildings, including Residential colleges.
  • Units were identified based on those serving the largest areas of campus and the system's ability to support them.
  • UV lights are being installed in mechanical units throughout campus that serve large spaces. There are limitations on installing UV on all units as not every unit can accommodate a UV light due to its size.

Enhanced Preventative Maintenance

  • Facilities & Operations is performing preventative maintenance on HVAC systems to maximize air circulation and ensure the efficient operation of the units.
  • Replaced MERV8 filters with MERV13 filters in accordance with CDC and industry guidance on improved filtration in all classroom spaces.
  • Where possible, equipment run times have been adjusted to maximize air exchanges.

Outdoor Tents

  • 3 large tents have been installed on campus for classroom (2) and general use (1).
    • Locations: Foote Green, behind Merrick Building, and north of Miller Circle.
    • Each tent holds up to 72 people.
  • 4 tents have been placed near the dining halls for added seating.

Safe Return Kits

  • 42,448 Safe Return Kits assembled.
  • All faculty, staff, and students will receive a kit to start them off back to work and school.


  • Shuttle capacity reduced by 50% to meet physical distancing guidelines, signage is being installed, and an enhanced cleaning plan will be implemented when service resumes.
  • 2 additional shuttles added to Miller (1) and Stanford (1) routes to maintain services levels for our students.

Outdoor Patios

  • Outdoor seating areas on campus have been spaced 6 feet apart.
  • Added outdoor seating capacity near dining areas.
  • Purchased exterior disinfecting wipes stations for all campus patios.

Hands Free Devices

  • Converted over 245 soap dispensers and 99 paper towel dispensers to hands-free.
  • Converted over 600 common restroom faucets to hands-free devices.
  • Over 300 faucets in the housing areas have been converted to hands-free devices.
  • Water fountains have been turned off; water bottle fillers remain available for use. Signage is in place.

Flu Shots

  • 26,000 flu shots ordered.

Testing Site Operations

  • Athletic Program: Hecht testing site completed and went live on June 29.
  • Faculty & Staff: McKnight Building (Healthy Canes Clinic) retrofit complete and active as of July 23.
  • Student testing site went live on August 3.
  • We continue to monitor usage and plan for additional testing sites.

Other Items of Note

Campus Overall Readiness for Fall Semester

  • Mulching, pressure washing and other grounds activities are completed.
  • Tree trimming in prominent areas completed.
  • 100+ banners have been installed on campus light poles.
  • Preparation of student residential dorm rooms is complete.
  • Routine maintenance and preparation of all classroom spaces is complete.

Hurricane Preparation

  • Facilities Operations & Planning executed the annual rental agreement for generators, chiller and debris removal equipment in the event of a hurricane.
  • Identified additional space at the off-campus UM Hurricane Evacuation Center to account for physical distancing.
  • 2020 hurricane plans updated to include considerations for COVID-19 related items, potential increased preparation timelines, new evacuation challenges, and physical distancing during impacts.
  • Emergency Call Center relocated to the McKnight building to be co-located with the EOC.
  • Meetings held with all hurricane preparedness and response vendors for Gables/Marine campuses to ensure coordination, review expectations, and address items due to COVID-19.
  • Improvements made to damage evaluation process, including the expanded use of technology for data collection and statistical monitoring capability.