February 28, 2008

Dear Colleagues:
This note will introduce some of the upcoming changes in the structure of University job titles and pay bands or pay grades. This is part of a larger effort to ensure that the University offers a competitive total compensation package, or salaries and benefits, to help attract and retain top talent.

Over the last two years, Vice President for Human Resources Roosevelt Thomas and Associate Vice President for Human Resources at the Miller School of Medicine Paul Hudgins have led an effort that included a review of every staff position (this process does not include faculty) at the University. They compared job titles and responsibilities with the goals of ensuring our job titles and grades are aligned with the market and consistent across our various operations. They reviewed compensation and compared pay ranges to relevant local and national market data.

On June 1 we will begin to implement the results of this process.

In some cases, job titles will change, so that positions with similar responsibilities have similar titles and that job titles accurately describe positions.

No one’s compensation will be reduced as a result of this process. Every staff position will fall within a newly established pay band (assuming satisfactory job performance). Market data will be collected and analyzed, and pay bands adjusted periodically in the future.

The new system seeks to create fairness and consistency throughout our growing operations. Yet, we realize that job titles and compensation are personal and sensitive and that some exceptions may be needed. Accordingly, during the next several months our human resources staff will meet with administrators and supervisors throughout the University, launch a Web site with more information on the project, and begin regular communications with all of you on this process.

We are committed to making the University of Miami one of the best places to work in South Florida. Thanks for all you do in helping to achieve that goal.


Joe Natoli
Senior Vice President for Business and Finance
and Chief Financial Officer

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