June 13, 2016


Thank you for enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). You have taken an important step in protecting yourself and the University from hackers and information theft. After consultation with the President, his Cabinet, and the Chair of the Faculty Senate, and in light of the imminent threat of further phishing attacks, we have decided that enrollment in MFA will be required starting this week for all faculty, staff, and student employees that want to access University single sign-on systems. Since you have already enrolled in MFA, you will be able to assist your peers in setting up their accounts.

Below please find a few MFA tips to enhance your experience:

  • It is recommended that you register at least two devices, for example, both a smartphone and an office phone. That way, if you don’t have your smartphone on you, you will still be able to access protected systems using your secondary device. For step-by-step instructions on adding a new device or managing your existing devices, visit: http://miami.edu/multifactor/.

  • If you are traveling outside the country, and/or don’t have access to an Internet connection and/or phone service, you can still use MFA. If you don't have Internet, you can elect to receive an SMS text or a phone call to verify your authenticity. If you don't have phone service, you can select the key symbol on the mobile app screen and generate a passcode.

  • You don’t need a smartphone to use MFA. You can use a landline, a cell phone, or tablet.

For more information about MFA, visit: http://miami.edu/multifactor/

If you have any questions, please contact the UMIT Service Desk at: (305) 284-6565 or itsupportcenter@miami.edu.

Thanks, again, for enrolling in MFA. We very much appreciate your support.

Thomas J. LeBlanc
Executive Vice President and Provost
Joe Natoli
Senior Vice President for Business and Finance and Chief Financial Officer