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June 27, 2016


Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to remind each of us of our responsibility to ensure that University resources are used appropriately.

You may have seen recent media coverage about a former UM employee who faces between three and four years in prison for committing fraud against the University. The University works with law enforcement and advocates for stiff sentencing to discourage future fraudulent acts.

Most of our employees consistently operate at the highest standards of ethical behavior. Our goal is to increase University-wide vigilance so that it is unacceptable to look the other way or accept instructions that violate our policies.

I ask each of you to help maintain our ethical standards and financial controls by:

  • Reporting concerns about financial improprieties or irregularities to any of the following:
    • Your supervisor
    • Internal Audit (8-2605)
    • The Controller (8-4877)
    • Anonymously through the íCane Watch hotline
  • Exercising oversight of accounts under your control by:
    • Reviewing activity in the accounts
    • Monitoring authority delegated to others
  • Evaluating transactions you are asked to approve by:
    • Ensuring the transaction is for a legitimate purpose that supports the Universityís mission
    • Determining that the transaction is reasonable
    • Verifying that the expense is allowable and appropriate to the funding source
  • Being mindful of the responsibility that accompanies your written or electronic approval:
    • When in doubt, ask your supervisor

Over the coming months, the Controllerís Office will be stepping up its efforts with regard to internal controls. This will include working with many of you to perform risk assessments, address control weaknesses, and deliver training to build literacy around internal controls. If you need assistance on controls or to monitor your accounts, contact the Controller at 8-4877 or g.eszterhas@miami.edu.

Please feel free to contact me directly at any time at 8-6100 or via email at jnatoli@miami.edu. Thank you for your dedication to the University of Miami.


Joe Natoli
Senior Vice President for Business and Finance
and Chief Financial Officer